Webinar held by ICFAI University on “How to address Mental Health issues during COVID?”

A webinar was organized by the ICFAI University, Jharkhand today on “ How to address Mental Health issues during COVID?” . It was addressed by Dr Anil Kumar, former Chief Medical Officer of Ispat MECON Hospital and currently Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at  reputed hospitals in Ranchi like MEDICA ,Raj Hospital and Santevita Hospital.

Addressing the students Prof O R S Rao said , “ During the COVID-19 second wave , due to faster and wider spread of the virus infection , most of the people are affected by Mental Healthcare issues like anxiety, stress and depression . They include COVID Positive tested patients, attendants as well as others ,including children, students  ,working women  and  elderly persons . Students are the most affected ,due to social distancing issues , resulting in closure of college campuses .The objective of today’s webinar is to discuss  the causes ,consequences of  mental stress and how to mitigate them.”  “In order to help the students , ICFAI University has decided to set up a virtual counselling centre so that any needed person can contact the  counsellors  for help “, added Prof Rao.

Addressing the webinar, Dr Anil Kumar said , “ Because of the unprecedented pandemic situation, which forced social isolation,  it is but natural that there will be anxiety and stress among the people. While the response of every individual depends on the nature of the person, there are ways in which the stress can be managed.” He advised the participants to avoid sources of negative news , build mental resilience by way of practising Yoga ,   inculcating hobbies of interest and maintaining a daily routine in the new normal. Besides being strong by oneself, others must be supported by being in regular contact and counselling and giving hope and confidence. Dr Anil Kumar also answered a number of questions from the participants in wide ranging issues like vaccination, symptoms,line of treatment, medicine, black fungus , recovery, precautions to be taken etc.

Prof Arvind Kumar, Registrar of the University proposed a vote of thanks.

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