Valedictory of e-Induction program for freshers conducted at ICFAI University

ICFAI University, Jharkhand

Valedictory of e-Induction program for newly admitted students during 2020 , was conducted at the  ICFAI University , Jharkhand. Besides the students, a number of parents also attended the function .

Addressing  the new students , Prof O R S Rao, Vice-Chancellor of the University said, “ We are happy to note that all of you actively participated in the Induction Program and learnt not only about our University and how academic delivery is done but also a revision of fundamentals in Mathematics, Sciences, IT, Management etc.” “ Regular classes will be conducted  from 2nd November 2020 using Flipped-classroom model , wherein study material can be accessed by the students on our Swaadhyay Digital Learning Portal and online classes will be held using Video Conferencing . Besides all co-curricular activities like Webinars , Industry Guest lectures etc and extra-curricular activities like cultural activities , Quizzes will be conducted virtually, online”, added  Prof Rao.

A number of freshers exhibited their talents by way of songs,poems and paintings and sketches. Giving feedback on the induction program.  Students expressed their happiness with the interesting way the program was conducted and the individual attention showed by the faculty members.

Prof Arvind Kumar, Registrar of the University , addressing the students , highlighted  the need to adapt to the “new normal” way of physical distancing and digital nearness . He added that the University will send guidelines to the students on how to effectively participate in online classes. All the faculty members and non-teaching staff also participated in the function. The event was managed by Dr. Sweta Singh and anchored by Ms Tannu Priya .

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