Rural Women Entrepreneurship in Handicraft Sector Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. Dilip Kumar

According to the Mahatama Gandhi “Entrepreneurs often fail to use their capabilities to the fullest. Once they do that, there’s no looking back”. This is the level of commitment of the entrepreneurs for their start-ups or business and they have the qualities of self-discipline, integrity, persistence, a clear sense of direction and action oriented for their goal. This is the “Golden Edge” of entrepreneurship because of global connectivity, unlimited resources, funding availability, digital goods, ocean blue etc. which provide a basic frame to start their business.

The women entrepreneurship has been playing a significant role in organised and unorganised sector and they have potential to manage and control the business in the competitive markets. But the rural women have been far away from the available financial and marketing support from the government and other NGOs. So that, we should focused on the entrepreneurship in rural women in Ranchi, to explore the existing problems and opportunities.

As we know that handicraft has been second largest employment generating sector in India and half of the population of artisans are women. They are very much familiars to the work of crafts and doing this work from many generation. There is a great chance for the women to start their career as an entrepreneur in handicraft sector, if they will get knowledge about markets, products design, availability of raw materials, technological support etc. from the government and NGOs

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