Rang Basanti Youth Festival – 2021 on 16th March 2021

ICFAI University Jharkhand is going to organize Rang Basanti Youth Festival – 2021 on 16th March 2021 (Tuesday)All participants must register through following link : https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLScgoDy8XoZ…/viewform…All entries must to reach to us latest by 12th March 2021 on – manish.kumar@iujharkhand.edu.in manoharkumar.singh@iujharkhand.edu.in #youthfestival2021#rangbasanti#talent#singing#dancing#ethnicwear#postercompetition#showyourtalent#icfaiuniversityjharkhand#Ranchi#Jharkhand


  • Dancing Competition
  • Singing Competition
  • Ethnic Wear Competition
  • Show Your Talent in Just a Minute(SYT-JAM) Competition
  • Poster Competition(Holi Theme)

Common terms and conditions:

  • All competitions are solo event.
  • All the recorded videos must reach us latest by 6 PM, 12th March, 2021.
  • Only selected videos will be played on the date of event subject to prior screening by the organizing committee.
  • Maximum time allotted for each participant for singing and dancing is 3 minutes while it is 2 minutes for the poster and ethnic wear competition.
  • For Dancing, the participants will be judged on their costumes, Visual presentation and dance form and stage utilization.
  • For Singing, Criteria for Judgment- Expression, lyrics and pitch, confidence and stage presence. Contestants can sing songs of any language
  • For Ethnic Wear, Participants will be judged according to character portrayed, creativity and presentation skills.
  • For SYT-JAM, Participant will get to showcase their talent (acting, mimicry, stand-up comedy, extempore) in a minute.
  • For Poster making competition, judgement will be done on basis of neat and clean work as well as idea and presentation of poster. The participant must explain the poster in accordance with the theme allotted.
  • Any obscene/offensive music/ dance/act are not allowed and will lead to disqualification.
  • The decision of the Judges and the organizing committee will be final and binding.

* The Participants shortlisted after screening will be informed by 14th March (5 PM).

* Sequence of the events will be finalized depending upon the registration through Google-form (Already Circulated).

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