Parents-Teachers Meeting conducted at ICFAI University through Video Conferencing

Parents-Teachers Interactive Meeting was conducted at the ICFAI University, Jharkhand through Video Conferencing, for the first time, wherein parents from various locations in Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal participated enthusiastically.  The meeting started with observance of silence for two minutes, to pay  homage to the parents or any other relatives of the students and employees that expired in the last six  months.  

Welcoming the parents, Prof O R S Rao, Vice-Chancellor of the University said, “Despite COVID-19 situation, quality education continued at our University, using Swaadhyay Digital Learning System. Our faculty members used various technology tools to make the classes interesting to the students. Campus Placements were conducted online. Companies that came for campus placements include Byjus,Extramarks,ESAF, Reliance ,Padh High, Jharkhand Mineral Development Corporation etc.”.

Briefing the parents on the new initiatives taken by the University, Prof Rao said, “In order to ensure that students as well as parents know the academic progress of the students from home, our University implemented Online Student Information System”. Dr Abhay Sinha demonstrated the system to the parents and explained how parents can access the marks and grades of their children from home “.

Prof Rao also announced the setting up Parents Advisory Council to give feedback and suggestions to further improve the quality of education and students services.

All the parents expressed happiness with the initiatives taken by the University to provide quality education, despite COVID situation.

A number of students that are pursuing Online Summer Internships in industry gave their feedback on how they are getting benefited by the program.  They also appreciated the efforts taken by the university to arrange for the Online SIPs and also to train them prior to start of SIP.

Awards of recognition were given to the students that won in “Rang Basanti, the online cultural program and, Poster completion. Special awards were given to the students and faculty members that contributed to ICFAI COVID CARE Initiative, by arranging for blood/plasma donation, supply of medicines, Oxygen , ICU Beds in hospitals etc.

The meeting included videos of cultural programs recorded by the students.

Prof Arvind Kumar, Registrar of the University proposed a vote of thanks.

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