Online Program on Digital Agriculture Management held at ICFAI University

Valedictory function, on conclusion of the Online Certificate Program on Digital Agriculture Management, was held at ICFAI University, University through Video Conferencing. The Online Certificate Program was attended by experienced managers, working in Government and agri-business companies in sectors like agri-inputs, agri-food processing, agri-finance etc. The Program was conducted in blended mode, wherein Study Material was made available on the University’s Swaadhyay Digital Learning System and Online Interactive classes were held on Sundays. Sri Pradeep Hazari, Special Secretary, Dept. of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Cooperative, Govt. of Jharkhand, Sri Manish Kumar Rai, Product Specialist, CNH Industrial and Sri Ashish Bharadwaj, Agriculture Consultant were the guests of honour for the function.

Welcoming the participants to the function, Prof O R S Rao, Vice-Chancellor of the University said, “Digital Transformation of Agriculture Management is essential to enhance productivity in agriculture and enhance the income of the farmers.  In order to enable that, all the employees in these sectors need to re-skill themselves with relevant digital skills so that they can be applied in various aspects of agri-business from farming to food retail stores. ”

Elaborating on how implementation of digital agriculture in Jharkhand has been benefiting the farmers by way of higher yield and increased income, Sri Pradeep Hazari said, “Initiative taken by the ICFAI University to conduct this unique program is highly commendable as it will help in up-skilling the agri-business professionals and prepare them for digital transformation of agri-business.”

Addressing the participants, Sri Manish Kumar Rai, said that the program helped Employees working in agriculture related organisations to understand the application of technology in managing the entire value chain of agriculture.

Sri Ashish Bharadwaj, stated that the program helped not only the stakeholders like rural credit providers, agri-input companies, food processing organizations, wholesalers and retailers of agri-products, but also the agriculture students and faculty members to understand the benefits of IT applications in  agriculture management.

All the participants of the program gave feedback that the program equipped them with IT l skills, which they can deploy in their day-to-day working.

Dr Hari Haran, Dr Satyendra Kishore, both Professors of the University and Dr. Bhagabat Barik, Asst. Dean and Program coordinator also addressed the participants. All the faculty members of the University attended the program. Prof. Arvind Kumar, Registrar proposed a vote of thanks.

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