Need for Academia-Industry Collaboration for enhancing employability of students

ICFAI University, Jharkhand

Prof O R S Rao, Vice-Chancellor of the ICFAI University, Jharkhand was invited to address the  Jharkhand Educational Summit ,organized by Centre for Education Growth and Research, through Video  Conferencing. The Summit was attended by Vice-Chancellors, Registrars and Senior Academicians from all over the country.

Addressing the participants on the theme “Challenges in Promotion of Higher Education in Jharkhand”,   Prof O R S Rao said, “One of the major challenges faced by Higher Education Institutions, particularly the ones, offering professional programs like B Tech and MBA, is employability of the graduating students”.

“A strong and continuous Academia-Industry Collaboration can help in addressing the problem, by way of updation of curriculum of the programs, providing internships, setting up Incubation and skill development centres etc so that students can be equipped with the knowledge and hands-on skills , as per Industry requirements”, added Prof Rao. During his address, he explained the various initiatives taken by the ICFAI University in this regard, which include signing MOUs of Academia-Industry Collaboration with Industry, organising seminars/webinars in association with the Industry, involvement of Alumni in academics etc. Prof Rao also narrated how the MOUs signed with reputed organisations like NSE Academy, NCDEX, BOSCH have been helping the students of the University to become more employable.

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