National Seminar on Inclusive Growth through SHGs & FPOs in Rural India on 18th and 19th March, 2021

ICFAI University Jharkahnd in association with NABARD will organize a National Seminar on Inclusive Growth through SHGs & FPOs in Rural India.

Objective: This Seminar is aimed at examining, analyzing and presenting different ideas on promoting /achieving Inclusive Growth through SHGs & FPOs in Rural India.

Themes/Sub themes of the Seminar:

1: Supporting Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) and Linkage to E-NAM and Value chain


❖ Formation and Mobilisation of FPOs

❖ Cluster Based Business Organisation(CBBO) and their role in FPO formation

❖ Connecting FPOs through Government Schemes

❖ Marketing Initiatives and Support to FPOs

❖ Credit and Financing of the FPOs

❖ Regulation and FPO management

❖ Role of State Government for proliferation of FPOs in the State

❖ Intervention of Technology and linkage with value chain

❖ E-NAM and Value chain linkage

❖ Fostering public-private partnerships and investment to unlock inclusive growth through e-NAM

2: SHG and their Upliftment, especially in the State of Jharkhand


❖ Women Empowerment through SHGs.

❖ Capacity Building of rural people through the intervention of SHGs.

❖ SHGs and its role in Socio-Economic Development.

❖ Banks and their linkage with SHGs.

❖ Promoting entrepreneurship skills among women through SHGs

❖ Self-employment among the poor rural women through SHGs. ❖ Use of Technology and promotion of SHGs

❖ Functional challenges in the operation of SHGs

❖ Role of Government and Multi Lateral Agencies in promotion of SHGs

Interested participants may submit paper on the above topics or any other related topics .All authors have to register themselves, in order to submit papers.

For further details, you may mail to

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