ICFAI University COVID Care Portal inaugurated by Health Minister, Sri Banna Gupta

ICFAI UNIVERSITY COVID CARE PORTAL, a comprehensive information portal ,designed by the ICFAI University, Jharkhand, to provide Up-to-date , Verified and Relevant information on all aspects of  COVID-19 was inaugurated by Sri Banna Gupta, Honourable Minister of  Health, Family Welfare, Medical & Health Education and Disaster, Govt. of Jharkhand during a virtual event.

Welcoming the participants to the event , Prof O R S Rao,Vice-Chancellor said , “ During the COVID times, patients and attendants have to take a lot of quick decisions on aspects like testing, doctors, hospitals etc , on the basis of relevant information. While a lot of information on COVID-19 is currently available in public sources like Whatsaapp groups ,portals etc, it was found that most of it is not dependable ,when the need arises. Besides, all the relevant information is not available in one place. In view of this, our University designed this portal ,which covers various aspects like Preventive (Vaccination, Test centres etc), Medicare (hospitals, doctors with online consultation facility, medical bulletins from leading hospitals), Medical supplies(medicines supply online, Oxymeters, Oxygen supply ), Government Notifications, Case studies of patients that have recovered, Useful links (to Scientific articles, Videos). The information available from public domains is verified by the students of the University, before it is updated on the portal on daily basis”.

“Help desk facility is provided so that needy persons can send requests for information or help required in areas like finding donors for blood/plasma , availability of hospital beds , Oxygen etc”, added Prof Rao

Addressing the event, Sri Paras Nath Mishra ,  Member : State Supervisory Board ,PCPNDT Act Jharkhand said, “Besides providing quality education, the ICFAI University has been rendering great service to the society. By providing this portal, which can be a reliable one-stop-shop for all COVID related information, it providing yet another humanitarian service in the area of healthcare”.

Appreciating the initiative of the University, Sri Banna Gupta said , “ Use of IT in handling unprecedented crisis like COVID-19 pandemic is the need of the hour , as all of us in the digital age. I am happy that ICFAI University demonstrated how to leverage IT ,thereby helping not only the people of Jharkhand   but also in the entire country. I am also delighted to note that the students of the University saved the lives of over 32 people , by arranging for donors of blood/plasma and also advising the attendants of the patients suitably, in time. I am confident that with mutual co-operation ,  Government of Jharkhand and the ICFAI University   can help the people of Jharkhand to overcome the current crisis”.

Prof Arvind Kumar, Registrar proposed a vote of thanks.

The event was attended by the faculty members and the students of the University .

The ICFAI COVID Care Portal can be accessed at https://iujharkhand.edu.in/covid-19.html

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