COVID Care Poster Competition organized by ICFAI University

A virtual event was conducted by ICFAI University, Jharkhand to give awards of recognition for the competition conducted recently on design of posters on COVID Care for students and employees of the University. Young children of some of the employees also participated. The posters covered interesting COVID related themes like  Need for Vaccination,  Precautions to be taken ( SMS- Social distancing, Mask, Soap wash ),  Broad symptoms of COVID , importance of blood/ plasma donation , how to take care of mental health etc, A few students of MBA have also created a short video on Covid Care.

In order to decide on the awardees of recognition for the competition, a novel technology- driven online polling process was adopted. Individual posters were displayed anonymously and the students were asked to give their rating. In the end, ratings for each poster were cumulated and top awardees were automatically selected by the computer.

Addressing the students on the occasion, Prof O R S Rao, Vice-Chancellor of the ICFAI University said, “The objective of the competition is to build awareness   on various aspects of COVID Care, by involving the creative and innovative talents of the students. Besides encouraging our students to contribute their efforts in COVID Care service activities, our University is also keen to leverage the  creative talents of our students to build awareness among the general public on aspects like Vaccination, COVID appropriate behaviour , donation of blood/plasma etc.

Awards of recognition to the students went to Ms Indrani Roy – MBA2, Mr. Aman Shresth – DIT Mr. Shobhit Kumar – MBA, Mr. Sagar Bhagat – BCA and Ms. Vaishnavi Bharti – BCA  whereas the ones for employees went to Prof. manohar Kr. Singh, Dr. Samir Pandey and Prof. Viranshu.  All the child contributors were given special awards of contribution.

Dr Subrato Dey and Dr Goutam Tanty, both Associate Professors of the University , co-ordinated the competition. Technology driven polling was conducted by Dr Sudipta Majumdar, Prof Shiv Shankar Shukla and Prof Amar Gupta. Prof Arvind Kumar, Registrar of the University proposed a vote of thanks.

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