COVID-19 Quiz Program conducted by ICFAI University

A Quiz program on COVID-19 was conducted today by the ICFAI University , Jharkhand . First round was conducted online on 23rd and 24th, wherein over 200 students from Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa participated. 30 out of them were selected for participation in the final round today. Guests of honour for today’s function were  Dr.Vivek Vidyarthi , Medical Officer-in-charge, COVID  Care , Sadar  Hospital  , Ranchi and Dr.Abhishek Kumar  Ramadhin,  Director, Dr.Abhishek K Ramadhin & Avyan Research Center,  Ranchi.

Welcoming the scholars, Prof O R S Rao, Vice-Chancellor, ICFAI University, Jharkhand said, “While COVID Pandemic  affected life and livelihood of a number of people in the last 1 ½ years , the second wave from February 2021 , caught us unaware and infected more people . Though it has abated and number of daily cases have dropped in the last few weeks, it is important that we are alert and take all precautions and also co-operate with Government and get vaccinated .  The purpose of today’s event is to build awareness among the students so that they can protect themselves better and also educate others.”

Dr Goutam Tanty, Associate Professor of the University gave a presentation of the social service activities taken up by the University during COVID times. He explained about the COVID Care initiative launched by the University and how student warriors of the university saved life of 60 people by arranging plasma/blood donation,  ICU beds, essential medicines, oxygen, ventilators etc.

Addressing the event, Dr.Vivek Vidyarthi said that with the emergence of new variants of COVID-19 like Delta Positive, people should not be complacent and take all possible precautions. Dr.Abhishek Kumar  Ramadhin explained about the virus , how it spreads and also how  vaccines work. He advised the audience not to be afraid of the 3rd wave, as by now herd immunity was developed in most of the people . Both the experts answered a number of questions from the audience, particularly with regard to the vaccines.

Top 3 Prizes for the quiz competition were awarded to Ms Shobhana Samarth, ICFAI University Jharkhand, Mr            Lakshya Raj, DAV School , Patna and Mr Rahul Kumar Singh, KK College of Engg and Management , Dhanbad respectively. Quiz program was conducted online by senior faculty members, Dr Sudipta Majumdar , Associate Professor , Prof Shiva Shankar Shukla, Dr Manish Kumar and Prof Manohar Kumar Singh and Prof Amar Gupta. Prof Akriti Gupta anchored the event. Prof Arvind Kumar, Registrar of the university proposed a vote of thanks.   

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