Corporate Talk on Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing organised at ICFAI University

Today, the 4th Corporate Lecture was organized by ICFAI University, Jharkhand in Virtual Mode on “Digital Marketing: Key Skills, Competence and Career Opportunities”. Dr. Rishi Dwesar, Associate Professor, IBS Hyderabad, was the Corporate Speaker. Students and faculty members of the University attended the session.

Addressing the students and faculty members to the e-Corporate Lecture, Prof O R S Rao, Vice-Chancellor of the University said,“Today’sMarketing is mainly focused on Digital Platforms and is different from the traditional marketing that was experienced in earlier days. This domain is now a major job provider to the young graduated students passing from the University and other educational institutions. As a Techno-Managerial specialist, Prof. Rao also highlighted the use of search Engine optimizations and its application in real business. While replying to some queries of the students, he advised them to undertake various certificate courses that are provided by many digital marketing companies in India which will build their confidence and provide a scope to join in this domain. “ In order to exploit these opportunities , students must be abreast with latest  knowledge and scope of this sector”, added Prof Rao.

During the lecture, Dr. Rishi Dwesar explained the digital marketing landscape which is interconnected by Publishers, Facilitators, Advertisers, Digital Marketing Agencies and the customers. He also described the concept of ‘Internet Marketing Tree’, ‘Behavioral Targeting’ and how digital marketing works in the stiff competitive scenario. He briefly lectured on the job opportunities in digital marketing area under in house, Agency side, Publishers and consulting. He also advised the students to grab the job opportunities in this sector and to build the key skills required to succeed and manage in the long run. He cited examples of Google, Facebook and other successful players in this domain andurged the students to understand and learn their digital marketing fundamentals. Dr. Rishi Dwesar responded to a number of interesting questions and queries posed by the students and Faculty members of the University.

Dr Bhagabat Barik, Assistant Dean (FMS) gave the welcome address. Dr. Sudipta Majumdar, Associate Professor, FMS has moderated the entire session. A number of students appreciated the initiative taken by the University in arranging for Corporate Talks by senior managers from the industry on contemporary topics.

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